What is DBT?

DBT means Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which could also be referred to as becoming more open minded. A dialectic is a dialogue between opposites. Dialectical therapy seeks the ability to tolerate opposites and to see truth in more than one perspective. DBT is an offshoot of CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This branch of psychology is aimed at helping you understand your thinking and behavior choices so they are more effective for your life and happiness.

Mindfulness is balancing emotion mind and wise mind.Distress Tolerance is when you have a problem you cannot solve, but you don't want to make it worse.Emotion Regulation is having less negative emotions and vulnerability, and more positive emotional experiences.Interpersonal Effectiveness is asking for what you want and saying no effectively.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Nov 14, 2011
Jane has been working with me for about 6 years off and on.  She has been very helpful teaching me the DBT skills that I know now.  I have having symptoms of my mental health, addiction and physical health.  When I started working with her, the symptoms were overwhelming me.  Now, even though I am working through hard issues, I am able to put the skills and help she has given me to stay away from my very dark places.  I am no longer living in a state of crisis every day. 

I feel that the symptoms of PTSD, characteristics of EID (BPD), clinical depression, SAD and social anxiety are better controlled now than they ever have been.  Jane has incorporated several different therapies for me.  Her knowledge and ability to teach has been a great help.  These are life skills I am learning.  I will always be grateful to Jane for all of the lessons she has given me.  And through that help, a better way of living and being in this life.

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