What is DBT?

DBT means Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which could also be referred to as becoming more open minded. A dialectic is a dialogue between opposites. Dialectical therapy seeks the ability to tolerate opposites and to see truth in more than one perspective. DBT is an offshoot of CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This branch of psychology is aimed at helping you understand your thinking and behavior choices so they are more effective for your life and happiness.

Mindfulness is balancing emotion mind and wise mind.Distress Tolerance is when you have a problem you cannot solve, but you don't want to make it worse.Emotion Regulation is having less negative emotions and vulnerability, and more positive emotional experiences.Interpersonal Effectiveness is asking for what you want and saying no effectively.

Friday, September 7, 2012

But I Hate Groups

“But I hate groups…”
You may worry:
  • ...that you will have to take more social risks than you are comfortable with in group, but since it's a psycho-educational class rather than a process group, you will not be asked to reveal your most personal issues if you do not wish to, but rather we focus on didactic learning of behavioral skills.
  • ....group might be dominated by other members, but it is structured to provide each member opportunity to participate equally.
  • ...that you may be judged - group members usually have a lot in common and are gentle with each other, because they appreciate the same compassion in return.
  • ....about other things I have not mentioned, which is why I meet with every new member alone to answer any questions I can and go over the general format for group to provide clear expectations.

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