Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wise Mind

'Wise Mind'                                                                  Wise Mind Worksheet

Emotion MindWise MindReasonable Mind
Thinking and behaviour controlled by emotional state
Thoughts are unhelpful and distressing
Difficult to think logically and rationally
Facts are distorted to fit with current distress
Strong emotions drive strong behaviour
What I want to do

Integrates Emotion Mind and Reasonable Mind
Adds intuitive knowing to emotional distress and logical analysis
The calm that follows a storm
Sees or knows something directly and clearly
Grasps the bigger picture, rather than just parts
Ensures needs of both Emotion Mind and Reasonable Mind are met:  Reasonable Mind is right, but Emotion Mind needs to be soothed
What's the most appropriate and effective skills that I could use for this situation?
Intellectual, scientific
Logical and rational thinking
Factual thinking, based on evidence
Able to plan how to respond
Focuses attention
Cool in approaching problems
What I should do

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