Monday, August 31, 2015

Focus Wheel

I love  this video showing this amazing technique to set your intention.  The example shows having a vibrant, healthy and sexy body. 

Here is a template for your printing pleasure:

This is a walkthrough on how to use the Focus Wheel process, given by Abraham-Hicks (

Here is a blank Focus Wheel for you to work with if you don't feel like drawing:

The Focus Wheel is a fantastic little process to use when you want to change your vibrational alignment—in other words, feel better—regarding any subject, whether it be finances, a relationship, or a bodily condition.

After some practice, you can whip your vibration into shape using this process in a matter of a few minutes.
He is in no way affiliated with Abraham-Hicks. At least in this dimension.

Set your intention and align your vibration with it!

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