What is DBT?

DBT means Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which could also be referred to as becoming more open minded. A dialectic is a dialogue between opposites. Dialectical therapy seeks the ability to tolerate opposites and to see truth in more than one perspective. DBT is an offshoot of CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This branch of psychology is aimed at helping you understand your thinking and behavior choices so they are more effective for your life and happiness.

Mindfulness is balancing emotion mind and wise mind.Distress Tolerance is when you have a problem you cannot solve, but you don't want to make it worse.Emotion Regulation is having less negative emotions and vulnerability, and more positive emotional experiences.Interpersonal Effectiveness is asking for what you want and saying no effectively.

Couples Mindfulness Guide

This guide is a summary of a useful book on mindfulness for couples, "The High Conflict Couple".  It's not a substitute for the book, which is linked below.

Short lessons will be emailed to you and your partner every 3 days.  There are a total of 13 emails, that will take 39 days to complete.  You don't need to view this as assigned homework, so much as a guide to process tools you might want to incorporate.  The emails will cover sections of the book.

Introductory Material
  1. Understanding emotion in relationships
  2. Accepting yourself and your partner
  3. How to stop making things worse
  4. Being "together" when you are together
  5. Reactivating your relationship
  6. Accurate expression
  7. Validating responses: what to validate and why
  8. Validating responses: how to validate your partner
  9. Recovering from invalidation
  10. Managing problems and negotiating solutions
  11. Transforming conflict into closeness

This study guide comes from the book, 

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